Andriany is a nonseasonal clothing brand that is ethically and sustainably crafted to embrace beauty and empower women around the world. Each piece of our collection tells a memorable story.




About Us

Andriany was founded in 2020 in Indonesia. We focus on comfortable everyday wear from casual, semi-formal to formal wear. Each of our designs has unique style and flattering silhouette; each piece of or collection is thoughtfully designed, precisely and beautifully stitched by our Artisan team.

We design, manufacture and market our entire collection in our small scale factory in Indonesia. We are proud to provide a comfortable, clean, safe and healthy work environment to our valued employees. We are an ethical company, we only provide full-time and full-benefit employment with the wages that above average for each of our employee. It is the best recipe for making high quality products besides the materials selection.



Each of our pieces is crafted using a limited source of fabrics in our own small-scale factory in Indonesia. Most of our collection are produced in a small quantity to prevent the waste of fabrics. You may find a few pieces of our collection are unable to be reproduced once they are out of stocks, due to the fabric unavailability. We use the latest generation of sewing machines for the productions that uses energy-saving technology for less power consumption.


Our vision 

Inspiration is the foundation of every artist’s and creator’s work, ours came from a multitude of unique life, work and travel experiences filled with European countryside landscapes, proud ancient monuments, bustling cities, majestic African landscapes and the mythical islands of Indonesia, one of them is Bali; but above all, it came from the people gracing those amazing places. Our design philosophy aims to honor their character, authenticity and traditions.